Rotary Air Compressor

Rotary Air Compressor
Rotary Air Compressor
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    Product Specifications
    • Rotary Air Compressor
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    • Stainless Steel
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      Product Description
      A Rotary Air Compressor is a type of positive displacement compressor that uses a rotating mechanism to compress air. It functions by trapping air between rotating lobes or screws and the compressor housing, gradually reducing the volume and increasing the pressure. With a strain scope of 0.1kg to 1kg, this compressor offers movable result to fit different functional requirements. It is easy to change the tension settings for accomplishing ideal execution for a particular application.
      As the rotors rotate, they continuously compress the air in order to deliver a steady flow of compressed air. Rotary Air Compressor is known for its reliability, efficiency, and compact design. It is extensively widely used in different industries for applications such as manufacturing processes, pneumatic tools, and powering pneumatic systems in construction, automotive, and industrial settings.

      Specification of Rotary Air Compressor:

      • Type: Air Cooled
      • Capacity: 10 m3 / Hr
      • Pressure: 1000 Bar
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Drive: Electric
      • Number Of Compression Stages: Single Stage and Multi Stage
      • Pressure: 0.1kg to 1kg
      • Brand: Leelam

      Features of a Rotary Air Compressor:

      • Rotary Mechanism
      • Compact Design
      • Efficiency
      • Low Noise and Vibration
      • Oil-Flooded or Oil-Free Options
      • Variable Speed Drive
      • Integrated Control and Monitoring
      • Air Treatment Options
      • Multiple Configurations
      • Durability and Reliability

      FAQ for Rotary Air Compressor:

      Q. What is the capacity of the Leelam Rotary Air Compressor?

      A. The capacity of the Leelam Rotary Air Compressor is 10 m3/hr. This ensures a steady supply of compressed air for your industrial applications.

      Q. What is the maximum pressure it can generate?

      A. Rotary air compressors can generate a variety of pressures depending on the specific model, design, and intended application. The Leelam Rotary Air Compressor can generate a maximum pressure capacity ranging from around 100 PSI (pounds per square inch) to over 200 PSI. 

      Q. Is the compressor air-cooled?

      A. Yes, the Leelam Rotary Air Compressor can be air- cooled. The compressors use ambient air to dissipate the heat generated during compression. It is designed with cooling fins or cooling systems that allow the surrounding air to flow over the compressor components. This in turn helps to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

      Q. What is the material used for the Rotary Air Compressor ?

      A. The Leelam Rotary Air Compressor is built  with high quality cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, steel and composite material,  providing durability and resistance to corrosion.

      Q. Does it come with an electric drive?

      A. Yes, the Leelam Rotary Air Compressor comes with an electric drive and is widely used to power rotary air compressors due to its efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation.

      Q. Can it be configured for both single-stage and multi-stage compression?

      A. Yes, the Leelam Rotary Air Compressor can be configured for both single- stage and multi- stage compression, as per the specific design and requirements.

      Q. What is the pressure range of the compressor?

      A. The pressure range of the Leelam Rotary Air Compressor is 0.1kg to 1kg, that allows adjustment with the output pressure according to the needs of specific applications.

      Q. Is the Leelam brand known for its quality?

      A. Yes, the Leelam brand has a reputation for delivering high quality products. The Leelam Rotary Air Compressor upholds this standard and is fabricated to meet industry standards and demands.

      Q. What are the advantages of using an electric drive?

      A. Using an electric drive in the Leelam Rotary Air Compressor offers benefits such as energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, easy operation and control, lower maintenance requirements, quiet and vibration-free operation, compatibility with power grids, wide range of power options, start/stop capability, reliability and longevity, and safety. 

      Q. What applications is this compressor suitable for?

      A. The Leelam Rotary Air Compressor is suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial manufacturing, construction, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare, printing and paper industry, HVAC systems, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, oil and gas, and mining and quarrying. 
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